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Jamaican Heritage Essay

  • Submitted by: jcole6059
  • on November 23, 2012
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Jennifer Coleman
Dr. Patricia H. O’Brien Professor
SOC 100
12 December 2011

                                                              My Jamaican Heritage
    My mother is Jamaican; Thusly I identify myself as being Jamaican American. My mother was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Kingston is the largest city in Jamaica as well as the capital of Jamaica. My mother was the oldest of seven children. The area in Kingston that she grew up in there was a lot of violence going on around her.
    People were robbing, raping, and killing people sometimes in broad daylight. My mother still remembers to this day the screams of sounds of violence going on right outside her window as a small child. My grandmother at the time was only twenty years old, and my mother was three years old at the time when my grandmother decided that she was tired of all the violence and bad circumstances her and my mother had to endure. My grandfather was brutally murdered by a family friend, at only twenty-two years old when my mother was just one years old.
    My grandmother made a decision shortly after my grandfather died that she had to get herself and my mother out of Jamaica. My grandmother decided that she wanted to migrate to the United States because of all the job, educational and safety benefits that the United States could provide. She worked as a maid in a hotel for up to sixteen hours per day, seven days a week for a whole year in order to save money for the move. After nearly two years she had the money to be able to move to the United States.
    My mother was just was just five years old when she arrived by plane to the United States, but she can recall how excited and happy she was to be in the United States. My grandfather’s uncle had been living in Chicago, IL for the past ten years, and offered my grandmother and mother a place to stay until my grandmother got on her feet. My great uncle had a nice home, nice car, television and good job as a United States postal...

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