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Jamie Oliver- Spoken Language Essay

  • Submitted by: kitty97
  • on November 18, 2013
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Investigate the ways spoken language is used by a TV presenter
Taking into consideration that we live in the UK we can easily affirm we speak English, whether we are native speakers or not. But of course there is more than one type of English, from the proper English of Received Pronunciation (RP), which the Queen speaks, to the Basic English, which only includes basic words and phrases, most likely to be used by the lower class of society. Obviously, where there is an upper and a lower it also has to be a middle, in this case the middle of the spoken English language being the Estuary English (EE), a variety of modified regional speeches, which is a mixture of non-regional and southern English pronunciation and intonation. Knowing that EE is native from the southern part of England, the most appropriate example of a famous EE speaker is Jamie Oliver, as he was born and raised in Essex.
Although Jamie Oliver adapts his speech to suit where he is and who he is with, there are certain aspects of his idiolect that do not change, such as pauses and fillers, the most common fillers he uses being “ya’know”, “like” and “err”. Even though these are only used to fill in pauses, “ya’know” is also used to engage the audience and grab their attention, which demonstrates Jamie Oliver familiarity to addressing to the audience during his cooking show. This can also be observed during his interview with Jonathan Ross, when he points and addresses questions to the audience present in the studio.
As the interview for the New Zealander program is taking place in his garden Jamie Oliver seems to be more relaxed and uses a less informal speech.   He uses nicknames “big boy” for the interviewer and “babies” for the carrots and lots of contractions “I’ve”, “They’re”.   He may also appeal to a more casual type of speech because he does not feel under pressure in his own garden and kitchen as there is no audience present during the interview so he can act more like a normal person rather...

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