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Jane Eyre - The Quiet Feminist Essay

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  • on November 10, 2010
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Jane Eyre- the Quiet Feminist

While many works of literature embody and illustrate the cultural standards, views, and principles of their time, others serve as foresights of what is to come. Charlotte Bronte’s mesmerizing novel, Jane Eyre, permeated its time. It did not uphold the customary cultural standards but presented new radical views on a women’s position. The Victorian Era continued traditional gender roles, with women being subservient to their husbands and living at home taking care of the children. The ideal woman was one who was meek, quiet, delicate, and beautiful. She was subdued to her husband and in no way his equal. Jane Eyre’s character defies all the norms appropriate of the era. Through her inner spirit and devoutness to her principles she establishes her independence and strives to conserve her dignity and freedom of choice. She is not preoccupied with looking graceful and pretty to attract a man’s attention but only yearns to obtain her autonomy. Jane hungers to feed her mind and soul, not her appearance.   Throughout the novel Jane illustrates her commitment to dignity, independence, and freedom of choice. It is through her unwillingness to submit to a man's power and willingness to speak her mind that she depicts a clear image of a self-sustaining woman. Jane’s character not only radicalized the traditional roles of woman but also paved the way for all the woman who were determined to make women equal to men for ages all ages to come.
A feminist is a person who advocates equal rights for women. Many of us imagine a feminist as an outspoken female parading in the streets with signs splattered in blue and red with equality slogans. Jane Eyre illustrates a more subtle approach to feminism. Though Jane does not announce to the world that she is trying to begin any type of feminist movement, her actions and decisions nevertheless set a model for any forward-thinking woman in the mid-nineteenth century. Jane’s zeal for independence is...

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