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Japanese History Essay

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  • on November 8, 2010
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November 2010



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The Japanese Timeline

35,000 BC   Homo-sapiens migrated to Japan from eastern and southeastern Asia to the islands of what is now Japan
10,000 - 300 BC Jomon Period
300 - 250 AD Yayoi Period
250 - 710 AD Yamato period
710 – 794 Nara Period
794 – 1185 Heian Period
1185 – 1333 Kamakura Period
1600 – 1868 Tokugawa Period
1868 – 1912 Meiji Period – The start of Modern Japan
1912 – 1926 Taisho Period
1926 - 1952 Modern Japan

The Jomon Culture

The Jomon Culture, also known as the Tree Culture is the first culture reported in Japanese history. It can be traced back 12,000 years ago.   It is also noted as the longest culture.   Trees were important back then as they were used to build buildings, homes, canoes and tools.   The invention of earthenware was the most significant turning point in the development of the Jomon Culture.   Earthenware actually caused a change of diet for the Japanese people.   As these instruments were developed, the Jomon people traveled less for hunting and started to develop more permanent settlements.   Earthenware allowed people to work together.
The Jomon culture consisted of hunting, gathering, and horticulture. As food was grown and raised, small villages became big villages.   The villages would gather seashells, trade among one another and hold ceremonies
together.   These Jomon ceremonies and gathering styles still exist in Japanese culture today and many people still gather seashells in the spring.   This culture still has an influence on Japanese culture today.

November 2010



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The Yayoi Culture
Following the Jomon period, the Yayoi culture flourished in several regions. The Yayoi culture is named after the section of Tokyo where archaeologists first uncovered artifacts from that era.   Some archaeologists mark the beginning of the Yayoi period by the start of the practice of growing rice in a paddy...

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