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Jen-Svt Essay

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As Director of Sales & Marketing for Utility Products of Company VI, I feel that the Silicon Valley Technologies simulation was a success. Although our company-wide communication was not always at it’s finest and conflicts arose throughout the day, Company VI was able to implement decisions due to the various influence strategies of our leading members. Communication and influence tactics impacted decision-making and contributed to solving conflicts within the company.
My interpersonal communication skills were not quite on target in the beginning of the day, as I did not fully understand the content of the multiple messages that I needed to communicate. Also, since I was not fully invested in the Sales & Marketing concerns of Utility Products and did not have a history within the company, I did not have strong feelings about the subject matter at hand. Although this could be seen as a good thing since emotion is a considerable barrier to communication, I felt that it was not because I could not at first clearly relay the significance of the needs within my department.
However, what I did have, whether positive or negative, was feelings about the person with whom I was communicating and myself. My previous relationships played an important role in communicating with others; I tended to trust those colleagues that I knew before the simulation and question those that I did not know. Even if I had just met the person that morning, I was able to make a judgment of character based on that person’s interactions with others and myself. I could tell that some fellow colleagues were confident and self-assured while some others were somewhat confused and uncertain. The confident colleagues were already influencing others and making decisions while the uncertain ones’needs seemed to go over-looked.

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