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Jewish Museum Essay

  • Submitted by: phoebewychan
  • on November 18, 2013
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The museum was in an elongated, sharply angled and folded shape, like a bolt of lightning on the ground (Fig. 1). The shape was a distorted form of the Star of David.   The exterior of the building was cladded with zinc (Fig. 2). Its bluish grey colour was intended to lay restrained emphasis on the surrounding parkland. The intersection of the oblique, parallel lines of the seams between the zinc sheets and the verticals of the sheet edges caused an illusion that the exterior wall was inclined forward.   Windows ran obliquely and did not follow floor levels or even internal elements. The fa├žade was independent to the articulation of the interior.
The Jewish Museum was built next to the Berlin Museum which was a Baroque-style courthouse. (Fig. 3) The contemporary Jewish Museum set a definite contrast to the new and old styles. However, the architect managed to attain ambience between the two. The profile of the Jewish museum was shorter and narrower than that of the Baroque architecture. Also, the zinc cladding of the Jewish museum was weathered into a sky-blue colour, which matched the zinc window frame of the Berlin Museum.   So, the argument which was occasionally put forward that the new building threatened the Baroque architecture was incorrect as it was only from a bird eye view. When viewing on the ground level, the new building seemed a modest and reserved neighbour. The two facades defined each other in space by the echo of hue and materials.
There was no direct entrance to the Jewish Museum. One had to enter the building through an underground tunnel from the adjacent Berlin Museum (Fig. 4). The tunnel led to three destinations: the Holocaust Tower, the Garden of Exile and the main exhibition building. The Holocaust Tower was an unheated concrete chamber of 24m. There was no door leading outside. The only light source was from a small slit of window at the roof (Fig. 6). This cold, empty and dark chamber imitate the feeling of being imprisoned, anxious and...

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