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John Cameron's 14 Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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14 Review
The University of Colorado’s production of 14 explicitly defined the struggles John Cameron faced with finding acceptance: thoughtful reflection on good intentions, the abuse of authority, denial and how traumatic events can haunt someone’s life.   The play takes place simultaneously in 1975 in Provo, Utah: Midwestern college town; and in the present, in the mind of Ron Sorenson at the strict Mormon College of Brigham Young University. Being homosexual in 1975 was considered unacceptable and impossible. The production is a biographical account of John Cameron, the writer. Cameron wrote the play based on his real life experiences as a homosexual at a Mormon college. The play switches from dream realms that represent heart-wrenching symbolism to his present life where he is struggling to get over his past. In the play Aaron is a past representation of Ron, in which Aaron portrays the shameful explicit events that Ron was forced to go through during the so called “reparative therapy” experiments done on 14 homosexual students, Ron included. I would recommend the production to any fan of tragedy theatre, mixed with comedy. Based on a true battle one man, and many men, still face today.
Lighting designer Chris Koncilja’s use of lighting was crucial to setting the atmosphere and flow of emotions though out the production. When Ron or Aaron were in the dream realm the lighting illuminated the entire stage extremely bright. The brightness of the stage allowed the audience to understand that the current scene was in a heavenly or dream like world. In the scenes where Ron and Aaron became so angry about what the other had to say, they began fighting; the lighting would switch to dark blues and greys. The dark choice of lighting by Koncilja allowed the audience to see and really feel the emotions of anger between Ron and Aaron. The most dramatic choice of lighting was used during the “nightmare” rape scene. I believe Koncilja chose to use a strobe light effect...

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