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John Quincy Adams Essay

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History 1301. 07

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John Quincy Adams: The Critical Years

Robert A. East

New York, Bookman Associates, Inc. 1962


Robert Abraham East was a gifted writer. He has many books out today called Business Enterprise in the American Revolutionary Era, John Adams (Twayne’s World Leaders Series; Twis 78), Connecticut’s Loyalists (Connecticut Bicentennial Series), John Quincy Adams: The Critical Years 1785-1794, and Previously Unpublished Writings of Robert A. East. He has been a very productive writer during his life. The author states in his book that if it weren’t for John Quincy Adams and him recording his thoughts and experiences so honestly, he wouldn’t have been able to make this book. Robert A. East first discovered a copy of Letters of Mrs. Adams; from that point on he became interested in the Adams family. By reading the preface to his book I was able to discover that he worked or attended Brooklyn College due to the fact that he referred to some of friends as colleagues from Brooklyn College. Being unable to find any information about Robert Abraham Eat was very limiting to this paragraph because I was unable to figure out if he was qualified to write about the subject. My personal opinion by just reading seemed like he was qualified. He actually knew quit a bit of information about John Quincy Adams because this books covers only nine years of Quincy Adams life. The only information about the author that I did learn was that he dedicated this book to Elsie and Frank; both of which I do not know who he is referring to, maybe his children.
This book is called The Critical Years for one main reason, it deals with the critical years in John Quincy Adams life that made him into the man and presidential leader he was. This book talks about his education at Harvard, his study of law in Newburyport and early practice in Boston, and it also talks about his contribution to the American press....

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