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John Rodgers Field Hawaii Essay

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Kalaeloa (John Rodgers Field) Airport (JRF)

Brandon Newport
Kalaeloa (john Rodgers Field) Airport

When I first chose this topic, I had no idea what exactly I got myself into. I didn’t know anything about the history of this airport, nor did I know much about its present day operations, what kind of usefulness this airport has for the State of Hawaii, and exactly how I was going to write a report on a airport that was to small to have much significance. Wow was I wrong. Not only was I really wrong, but ironically enough the first thing I discovered about this airport was that it in fact was the FIRST airport and paved runway in Hawaii! I had no idea, that this little distant airport (about 30 miles outside of Honolulu) was a airport that would hold such a past. I was thrilled when I found this out and began typing away. I hope you enjoy the past, present and airport information sections of this report. I also hope you enjoy it as much as I had writing it. Now here’s a glimpse into the past, present, and airport information on Kalaeloa Field. Enjoy.

Due to the amazing tactical advantage of being a perfect refueling point for America as an easy access to asia, this little island in the middle of the Pacific has always been on the minds of many for air travel. Hawaii had a huge significant factor in the development of both commercial and military air travel. The first flight in Hawaii occurred on December 31, 1910. As the wings took flight, so did the imagination and hearts of residents who dreamed of traveling by air between islands and the Mainland, Asia and Australia.

John Rodgers Airport (Kalaeloa Airfield, JRF) was the made officially the first airport in Hawaii on March 27, 1927. The airport was named after pioneer aviator Navy Commander John Rodgers, who made the first trans-Pacific flight on August 31, 1925. The field was named in his honor of who had also been Commanding Officer of the Naval...

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