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Journals On Everthing Essay

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Journal 1
The Lake
Question 1
-Discuss the symbolic significances of the sand castle in the story.

The symbolic significance of the sand-castle built by Harold and Tally in The Lake represents life and how each grain of sand is a part of their life. Each grain is an event or something that happened and put together represents there life as a whole.   The castle symbolise strength and power, not completed it has no power and is very fragile just like Tally’s life.   The sand- castle so fragile can be changed, just like someone’s life when something tragic happens, “Tally was gone. She would not sit across from me at school any longer, or chase balls on the brick streets on summer nights”. The sand from the sand-castle alone is weak and unable to do anything but put together the sand becomes strong, just like Tally and Harold, together they are strong but Harold is weak and confused.

Question 2

-Discuss how and why Harold’s life undergoes change.

  Harold’s life changed because a tragic event that happen to him as a boy. Tally the girl that he loved, left him forever without telling him, leaving him confused and lost, not clearly understanding what happen to her.   She died and Harold was too young to understand everything happening to him. thinking that she would come back some day hoping to see her one last time but it never happened. Harold tried to forget   Tally but couldn’t so instead he put all his feelings for her beside but by going back to where he lost her everything came back to him very clearly because he felt a lot for her. Tally’s death keeps him captive from life, it’s not until Harold sees Tally’s death body that he understands what happened to her in the past. He then realises that “death does not permit growth and change” but life does, and that events that happen affect people.

Journal 2
The Emissary
We can clearly see in The Emissary that Ray Bradbury has put a lot of attention on imagery and foreshadowing, for it plays a...

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