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Joy Luck Club Essay

  • Submitted by: Awesomercoolhwuy
  • on October 24, 2010
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Children, as they age, inherit the problems of their parents. Little do they know, from birth, they have already established an “invisible connection” between themselves and their parents. No matter what kids do to distance themselves from their parents, it is practically impossible for them for (because)   they still have their parents’ blood inside of them. It is said that children inherit the problems of their parents. In most cases this is true, for when they grow up they eventually figure out that they can reflect (retrace)   their problems to that of their parents, and later understand what they had to go through. In the story The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, Jing-mei is (acts like) an ignorant girl to her mother. Whatever tactic her mother tries on her to make her a better person she rejects. Jing-mei is constantly trying to hide her Chinese heritage and even changes her name to “June” to conform to American ways. But as she moves on in life, she begins to regret her past actions and finds out that her mother’s difficulties and problems, are (now) put on her shoulders and (now) for her to solve.
Suyuan Woo was an elderly woman, faced with many problems from her pastime (past) escaping from Kweilin. Her husband was an officer and was killed when the Japanese invaded China. Now forced to escape, she packed all her belongings and started her long journey. Day by day, her variety of items became a nuisance (burden) and she was forced to get rid of them. Finally with nothing left but the babies on her back, she was forced to leave them too (just to make it better explain exactly what happened, i.e aching shoulders, blisters that burst and bled, pain, fever. Do that somewhere in the blue area). Now in America, Suyuan had the tendency to focus on making everything enjoyable and happy instead of focusing on her problems, thus inventing the Joy Luck Club. When she married her second husband and later giving (gave) birth to June, she “[wanted her] to be intelligent”...

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