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Jrotc Building Leadership and Character Essay

  • Submitted by: AliyaDanielle
  • on November 18, 2013
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JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp) helps young adults build leadership, character, and teamwork skills. This program will encourage students to learn how to lead and teach them responsibility.   It will teach people skills and take the best out of each student. This program will require students to think logically and for students to make decisions for them and take on responsibility. JROTC will teach students responsibility and life skills to make it in the real world.
JROTC teaches students about leadership. They will have to make decisions for and as a unit. This program will require them to lead other students and also work with them to complete a goal.   Some students will have to lead a squad or a platoon of some sort requiring them to make decisions for the unit as one. Leadership goes hand-in-hand with confidence. So while teaching leadership this program also shows students how to be confident in themselves and their choices. JROTC involves a lot of student participation, allowing the student to lead, decide, and take responsibility for themselves.
By showing motivation students’ progress into higher ranks in JROTC. While this helps build character it doesn’t teach it. Character in JROTC is gained by participating and making decisions when needed. When you are forced to make decisions on your own it helps you find out more about yourself and helps you learn to be more of a leader and helps you gain character.
Being responsible for yourself helps teach independence.   This program requires students to make their own decisions, learn how to wear the JROTC uniform correctly, and learn certain procedures also. This means that students will have to be as responsible as possible. JROTC also teaches obedience which allows students to mature and become into a better young adult.   All of these factors help progress students into gaining character and becoming a model citizen, in which they are able to take care of themselves and others as a leader and...

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