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Judaism, Christianity, Islam Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Judaism, Christianity, Islam" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The similarities between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are more than one would think. These three religions carry one main belief and that is that they belief in one God (Monotheism). Although Christianity differs because of the Trinity, this does not change anything because the Trinity is the representation of one Devine being. These three religions recognized Abraham as their father (Patriarch) and as the foundation. All three religions belief in a Holy Scripture, Judaism believes in the Torah, Christianity the Bible and Islam the Quran.   Christianity by some can be viewed as a continuation of Judaism, in the sense that both share part of the same book.   The Torah is known by Christians as the Old Testament in the Bible. Christianity is mostly based on what is known as the New Testament which is the beginning of Jesus life on planet earth as the son of God. In the Judaism religion it is not believe that the “messiah has come” where as Christians have viewed Jesus as the Messiah who was here once and whom will return again for its followers. Islam like Christianity believes in the works of a prophet Muhammad.   Unlike Christianity and Judaism they Islam has two books one is the Quran which they belief is the word of God himself, and the Sunna which is the works and traditions of the prophet. The covenant is the Jewish view that by acknowledging God and his word, God has chosen them as his people.   Good deeds are part of every one of them; faith and action play a major role in Christianity and Islam, where as in Judaism is a way of living and also believing and literally sticking to the Old Testament with little or no flexibility. With Christianity one can typically see an ordained clergy, with Islam and Judaism all religious functions can be administered by any respected male.
As one can see these three religions have many things in common and its scriptures speak about the respect and love humankind should have for one another, yet ignorance comes out on...

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