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Julius Caesar Essay

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  • on November 14, 2010
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Antony. They call him the "middle man" between Brutus and Caesar, but not anymore!

Antony chooses aside, and not just any side, he chooses the side of Caesar. Antony uses

rhetorical devices such as red herring and assertion to get his point across with an appeal

of Pathos and Ethos. The devices work together to convince the crowd that Caesar being

the better and more legitimate ruler, has previously connected with the Romans in a

proffessional ethical way as well as connecting with them an emotional way.

  Antony's use of red herring actually lights the light bulb for the crowd of Rome. The fact

that he draws attention to the central issue of Brutus killing caesar and his death affecting

Rome, brings the crowd to become more interested in what more he has to say when

When   Antony continuously talks about him, "[speaking] in Caesar's funeral," and that he

has "come to bury Caesar..." (Act III, Scene 2), he is repeatidly adressing the most central

issue, which is Caesar's death. Antony goes on and on and talks about how although

Caesar did bring captives, the "ransoms did the general coffers fill " (Act III, scene 2),

which in modern terms means that these "ransoms" that Caesar captured, is actually

bringing more wealth to the city. In order to emphasize the "red herring" effect, while

giving his speech, Antony repeatedly refers back to the central issue of Caesar's death,

and then the Romans soon start to realize that although Caesar has done a good wrong,

Antony is giving the complete and ethical truth. Antony also uses ethos to incorporate the

ethical reasoning of what is going on, and him being right about everything. Antony uses

an assertion to suggest the consideration that even though Caesar has had some faults, he

is still the better ruler for Rome, and that he can be considered a true or plausible person.

The fact that Brutus doesnt quite give any appeal that can persuade...

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