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Junk Essay

  • Submitted by: wadian01
  • on November 17, 2013
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“Safety is everyone’s responsibility”
  Improving the safety of waterfront shipyard workers and non-waterfront shipyard workers has to be a key target for not only the industry but for everyone who works there. But to achieve the target of “zero” accidents at more than just a “few” locations, it will call for everyone to take responsibility. For example, if you noticed your neighbor’s house was on fire, you would call the fire department. Correct? You would want to help the neighbor and also ensure that the fire doesn’t spread to other homes. It takes a lot of people to protect your neighborhood. Everyone in the neighborhood has some responsibility to ensure everyone’s safety.
  Everyone in the industrial environment, specifically the shipyard, has a personal responsibility when it comes to health and safety of all. Achieving further improvements in safety is dependent on the culture of not just the company and its employees but also how they interact with one another. Having significant amounts of experience does not mean that it is safe to take a shortcut. Some workers may take shortcuts for the best of reasons and think that they are saving the company time and money but if they take a risk and things go wrong, then they are not only putting themselves in harm's way but also adding the risk of cost and delays. It is the responsibility of all levels of paid, and non-paid too, employees to eliminate the attitude that some things should just be accepted and not challenged. For example, take spillages that can happen on site. Yes, it does happen but that doesn't mean that it should be perceived as “normal”. We must change our method of thinking and challenge it. In addition, management must ensure that there is a system in place for people to report unsafe practices, in and out of the work environment, without the risk of persecution. Too many people are injured every day in our workplaces. The greatest losses are human, but injury is also a huge financial cost....

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