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Jurisprudence Essay

  • Submitted by: hei6412
  • on November 19, 2013
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The law in the state of Republica deprives basic human rights, i.e. democracy and freedom by the rules of dictatorship. The citizens are required to have absolute obedience and loyalty to the government regardless of choice. Anyone unwilling to take the oath or demonstrates any forms of activities where the government thinks is ‘’disloyal’’ is subjected to harsh punishment and deprivation of citizenship.

The state of Republica takes the idea of social contract theory as a mean to support the government authoritarian rules. The public attitude regarding such absolute authoritarian rules should never be favorable, but confrontational. It is, therefore, rational in disregarding it.
It is true that the social contract theory put forward the unlimited power of a political sovereign to punish for the purpose of protecting our order and security. Nevertheless, to what extent our freedom is sacrificed should be clearly defined.

Hobbes assumed the world is full of competition because of the limited resources and selfishness. Everyone is equal physically and mentally, we often breach our obligations and promises. Without law, one will kill another. We need to surrender our natural freedom in order to create an orderly society which requires government authority to punish us if we violate the peace. Law therefore safeguards our other freedom when we give up one aspect of the freedom.

But while regarding to other theorists, such contracts are attached to the considerable importance of human rights.

Locke suggested that when a government is unjust or authoritarian, we are acknowledged the ‘right of oppressed people to resist tyranny and overthrow the government: a tyrant has no authority’. From the idea of Locke, the social contract we made with the government is to preserve the natural rights of its citizens, including the right to life, liberty and the enjoyment of private rights. If the government fails in doing so, or like the case of Republica, the...

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