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Juvenile Delinquency Essay

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Juvenile Delinquency
CJS 200
November 4, 2012
Gary Napier

There are many differences between juvenile and adult courts. The largest difference is the juvenile justice system makes it a point to rehabilitate instead of punishing juvenile delinquents. However, punishment still must be a part of the juvenile justice system to make sure the juvenile realizes the extent of their crime(s). There are also two different courts for juveniles and adults. Juvenile records are also not accessible as adult records are. Both juveniles and adults have the right to counsel at all court proceedings however juveniles are also appointed an advocate who looks out for the child in the same way a parent would. The court system is more apt to help juvenile offenders more than adult defenders and juvenile offenders tried as children cannot serve their time in adult jails or prisons.
Juvenile courts usually do not use jury’s; the judge is the person who decides if you broke the law and what your punishment should be. Bail is usually not an option to a juvenile. In order for the juvenile to be released before adjudication, they must be able to prove they are not a flight risk as well as will not be a threat to the community. However, for smaller offenses the consequences for minors may be worse than what they would be than if they were an adult. A minor’s probation period is longer than an adult would be and include more stipulations than an adult would have. For example, minors may have orders to keep grades up and showing respect to their parents or guardian. In addition, minors that are sentenced in cases that are more serious will be incarcerated into juvenile facilities. Sentencing for a minor will usually end in their twenties whereas an adult would be sentenced to life in prison for a similar crime.
Delinquency, mainly juvenile delinquency in this case is when a person under the age of eighteen breaks the law. Crimes that are considered delinquent crimes are the same as...

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