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Karma Essay

  • Submitted by: ditterkidder
  • on November 14, 2010
  • Category: English
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Sara Davis
Mrs. Grywalski
Honors English 9
3 November 2010
Backstabbing Brat
“What goes around comes around…” The statement is in everyone’s minds. Putting this statement into one word, karma or in other words a name of a invisible “girl” who brings unfortunate things upon us because of bad deeds we’ve done in the past. She, karma, is my life’s heartbeat, my way of thinking, my big belief. Of course my belief is very different from others, when believing in karma. Most feel karma is a brat and only gets back at you for your bad deeds. My belief is the same…But sometimes she can be a best friend. As so, for each time something good happens to me, something bad right before that. When bad things take place in my life, something good occurs. Every time I’m having a bad hair day or I’m feeling tired, I think “maybe tomorrow will be a really good day.” One day I would be getting good grades on all the tests I took at school, having a fun times with my friends in the hallways and all of a sudden I trip and fall embarrassing myself in front of the whole school. That’s what I call karma for having a good day. Maybe only because I think about it the next day, and make that day a good one, maybe its only in my mind. Karma is like an unending circle going from person to person either stabbing them in the back, giving them the scent of sweet, sweet revenge, making people have a bad day, or giving them good luck from the bad luck they had in the past. Making a good decision will only lead too good things happening in my life. Donating money too a charity, recycling, and keeping my attitude right keeps the bad karma away and brings in the good. Always having the feeling that she is watching the actions I make everyday waiting for me too do a bad deed so she can come and stab me right in the back. Its amazing how karma is in our lives so much we don’t even notice. Believing in karma makes me stronger in my soul because each time a mistake passes through I learn and become...

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