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Keys to Happiness Essay

  • Submitted by: lernersarno
  • on November 17, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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In today’s society everyone struggles to be happy, what they fail to realize is it’s not that hard. People make achieving this goal so complicated when it really isn’t. Anyone has the potential to be happy and satisfied with their life but people choose to make it so difficult. Many people have this illusion of happiness being when they have everything they want. Honestly, they just to have know everything they truly need. One’s strive to be happy is much simpler than they think; one must realize what is ultimately important in life.
            Society manipulates our minds to think that having all these luxuries is what makes us happy. We think it’s necessary to have fancy cars and enormous houses when honestly we don’t need any of these things. We just want them for a confident booster because we want to feel more superior to others. Pride is what will hinder our happiness, for we will make decisions for the wrong reasons. We must think about ourselves and our family not what other people think of us. We devour ourselves in insecurities which just brings us down. There is no problem in living minimally; as long as we are financially stable we shouldn’t worry what others think about us because stability is success.
            Do not stress. Stress will lead to depression. Stress is unnecessary. Just take a moment to set your priorities straight and make it happen. Yes, you may have a lot of work to get done but so does everyone else. A little amount of stress may help you positively only if you use it as a motivation to get your work done. What makes you different is that you won’t be stressing just as much as others. Once you make that list of what is more important all you need to do is just relax and get it done. You will struggle but struggle is progress. If you’re struggling then you’re doing something right so give yourself credit because you’re probably not giving yourself enough. Just because others aren’t giving you credit doesn’t mean you don’t...

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