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King Essay

  • Submitted by: mauriciomtz98
  • on November 18, 2013
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1. Recall What examples of racial in justice does King describe?
- King describes discrimination as one of the most common racial injustices that the Afro American people suffered. He said he had a dream that the Afro American people would have their rights as the white people.

2.Clarify What does King predict will happen if justice is denied African Americans? 
  * More Speeches until convincing the community of this, Afro American people are the same as us that why he said ¨We are created equally¨.
3. Summarize What is King’s dream, orvision
  * His dream or vision is that the discrimination and racism against the Afro American is over and that all of the Afro American people have their rights back and are treated equally as a citizen such as the white people, and for his 4 kids to have a bright and excellent future.
4. Analyze the Argument On a graphic organizer like the one shown, list at least three examples of racial injustice that King uses as support for his claim that African Americans are not free.
5. UnderstandRhetoricalDevices Reviewthechartyoucreatedasyouread. Then identify an example of repetition or parallelism and explain the effect it creates.
  * I have a Dream, Let Freedom Ring, Now is the time. Their effect is that they create enfasis so that the audience gets in the speech.
6. Understand an Analogy Reread lines 14–28. In these paragraphs, King usesan analogy to compare a familiar object—a promissory note—to something abstract—the promise of equal rights. What does King mean when he says that America has given African Americans a “bad check”? Explain your answer.
  * They gave African American a bad check because they paid them in a bad way.
7. Evaluate an Allusion Reread lines 81–85. An allusion is an indirect reference, within a work, to something that the audience or reader is expected to know. As King begins to explain his vision, he alludes to the Declarationof Independence, quoting its famous lines. How effective is...

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