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Kite Runner Essay

  • Submitted by: ctripp1
  • on November 8, 2010
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Chase Tripp
Dr. Davies
Society and Human Behavior
24 February 2010
Healers of Ghana
In the video there were many ways in which the people’s culture is different from that of our own. The people of this culture displayed in the video depend almost fully on the spiritual world to handle all of their sicknesses and struggles. They have many different rituals that are performed to bring good health for the people of their society in the future. There are certain people that are assigned to heal the people of Ghana. These are the healers of Ghana. The people go to these healers to bring good health to their families and themselves as well. It is said that in the act of performing healing rituals, a spirit enters the healer and may be passed on to the persons or persons being healed. This may result in dancing, shouting, or just wild and unusual behavior. When the healer is performing a ritual, basically the entire tribe is gathered around this man or woman. This is the tribe’s way of life and survival. The healer does tests, such as the testing of babies and young children to determine their strength (as shown in the video). The healer continues to go around the crowd and attempt to anoint the people in it. The healer continues to do the rituals and sacred dances until he passes out, and is carried away. When the healer returns he goes amongst the people and enjoys time with the tribe, gathering in group songs and things of that sort. Although these rituals may not always work, this is the only way that the people know how to live.
More recently, the healers of Ghana have been practicing more accurate techniques for taking care of their people. In an attempt to protect the tribes from diseases, the leaders of these societies have combined with doctors to practice more medicinal treatments. They believe that this will cut down on the sicknesses and deaths among their society. More people are being treated properly, rather than just relying on rituals to protect...

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