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Kitty Kat Essay

  • Submitted by: Maya1234
  • on November 1, 2010
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THE ANGEL SHARK (Squatina squatina).

      In the past few decades, the interest by many in protecting and preserving the world’s

biodiversity have increased. Human activities, around the globe, possess a threat to

biological communities. It has been proposed that many biological species will go extinct

in the coming decades (Richard Primack, 2004). One such biological species which is going

extinct is the angel shark.

      The Angel sharks are flat-bodied sharks, very ray-like, with broad pectoral fins that

bury themselves in the sand or mud with only the eyes and part of the top of the body

exposed. They have a blunt snout and are camouflaged to blend into the sand and rocks

of the ocean bed. They have long, wide fins that look like wings, giving it its name. It is

also known as the monk shark, sand devil, and monkfish. While the forward part of the

angel shark's body is broad and flattened; the rear part retains a muscular appearance

more typical of other sharks. The eyes and spiracles are on top, and the five gill slits are

on bottom. Both the pectorals and the pelvic fins are large and held horizontally. There

are two dorsal fins, no anal fin, and unusually for sharks, the lower lobe of the caudal fin

is longer than the upper lobe. Angel sharks have small, sharp teeth in trap-like jaws. They

eat fish, crustaceans, and mollusks. All angel sharks capture their prey by ambush. Lying

almost invisible beneath a layer of sand or silt, they wait until a hapless victim

approaches before engulfing it with lightening speed, in its trap-like jaws. Their narrow

pointed teeth are ideal for holding prey, most of which is swallowed whole. Tests on the

feeding habits of angel sharks have shown that they react to any passing prey, spitting out

anything that does not appeal to their appetite. They have complete faith in...

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