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Krashen’s Theory of Language Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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Krashen theory on SLA (Second Language Acquisition) is one of the most famous theories among linguist and language practitioners. In his theory, Krashen is more focused on language learning based on natural way which is through natural communication. Krashen also produce a formula for second language acquisition which is 'interlanguage + 1' level (i +1). Kreshen also believe that a language is better being acquired than learned. For now, there’s 5 hypothesis or theory from Kreshen on Second language Acquisition. All these hypotheses will be explained later.

Acquisition – learning
Krashen is one of a well known language theorist, and from his theory we could say that there are two systems to perform well in a language and that system is “the acquired system” and “learned system”.

The “acquired system” is a system where the language is being acquired subconsciously which happen due to surrounding of the language learner. For example, during my time as a kid, I might acquire language through my surrounding such as my parents conversation or even a television program that I watched. It’s a natural process that based on natural communication which is concentrated to the communicative act, not the utterances form.

While the learned system on the other hand, is a consequence of formal instruction. It is also a process where the learners are aware of what they learn about language. This is kind of process that I go through when I go to school, and learned from guide of teacher and even now it is quite the same but with different level of syllabus. The simplest example would be the process of learning grammar rules or pronunciation of a language. However, in Krashen theory he obviously stressed more on ‘acquisition system” rather than “learned system”.

The monitor theory is actually about the relation of “acquisition system” and ‘learning system”. This theory...

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