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Kringe in 'N Bos- Daleen Matthee Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Translating culture: Matthee’s
Kringe in ’n bos as a case in point
Willie Cloete
Language Affairs Directorate
North-West University
Potchefstroom Campus

Marita Wenzel
School of Languages
North-West University
Potchefstroom Campus

E-mail: Willie.Cloete@nwu.ac.za

E-mail: Marita.Wenzel@nwu.ac.za

Translating culture: Matthee’s Kringe in ’n bos as a case in
The translation of “cultural identity” in a novel such as “Kringe in
’n bos” contributes towards the definition of a uniquely South
African representation of time and space in the global context.
When translation is studied as a product of its socio-historical
context, the translator is faced with problems of translating ideology and cultural identity in literature. Realia constitute a particular challenge to the translator because, according to the definition, precise equivalents of these words do not exist in other
languages, which could cause shifts in the target language text.
This article considers the concept of translatability and concludes that, despite the problems encountered, an adequate
and satisfactory German translation from the Afrikaans original
should be possible.
The question of translatability assumes an interesting dimension as the Afrikaans novel was translated into English by the
author herself. The privileged position of author-translator granted Matthee a near-perfect understanding of the different layers
of meaning and intention of the source text and eliminated the
gap between the author and translator. However, one gains the
impression that the German translator (Stege) resorted to transference as a strategy to avoid translation and it emerges that
most instances of definite mistranslations are, indeed, attributable to Stege’s unfamiliarity with the South African context.

Literator 28(3) Des./Dec. 2007:1-26

ISSN 0258-2279


Translating culture: Matthee’s “Kringe in ’n bos” as a case in point

Kulturele vertaling, met verwysing na...

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