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Lallaa Essay

  • Submitted by: sancho1
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: College Admissions
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Alejandro Sancho
Erkki mackey
Personal narrative revision

    It was the beginning of my freshman year of high school, trying out for the varsity spot of the wrestling team. What made me decide on trying out for the sport is because I competed all my life in physical sports, like judo. So knowing that I had a judo background I could easily fit in wrestling, so I tried out. Walking into that cold gym was like walking into death, I felt like I was through unknown territory. The floor was shaking, the walls sounded like they were being pounded, and there was screeching of wrestling shoes rubbing on the mat, I’m not going to lie, it gave me some butterflies. As I walked around the last corner of the gym I peeked my head and saw people flying and heads bouncing off the wall. Then I heard a loud olds man’s voice coming straight at me.’’ Hey boy, finally decided to man up put on these shoes’’, he told me.
    Once I finished putting on those complicated shoes I stepped on the mat; it was soft and sticky. There were two mats and both had a giant ring that would keep wrestlers aware if they’re about to step out of bounds. There I met Coach Mickey he was a goofy looking guy, but was a good wrestler very technical. Coach Mickey was the first person to teach me how to shoot a double leg. After weeks and weeks of training I perfected it and started learning other wrestling techniques, leg single legs Russian ties and head and arms.
    My first wrestling match was a duel meet with one of our rival schools, Coral Gables; they weren’t the best but it served me well on applying the techniques I learned on those couple of weeks that passed. I weighed in that day 103 pounds, I was a light weight. And the lightest weight class is always the last one to wrestle.so I got to watch some matches before I wrestled which made me even more anxious. Finally it was my turn to show everybody what I got.
      The team score was dead even, so all the pressure was on my match, which...

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  • Submitted by: sancho1
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: College Admissions
  • Length: 455 words
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