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Lamb to the Slaughter Point of View Assignment Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Dear Diary,
Believe me when I say my darling uttered the most unimaginable. I believed all was going well and we were perfectly content. My whole world came shattering down when he told me he wanted a divorce. He found another and wanted to go be with her. I believed I was a good wife and we were happy. I put in all my effort to make this man happy. His joy was all I put my energy into and consumed my thoughts. It was only then I realized how much I was deceiving myself and that I was the only one who put any effort into this relationship.
I am pregnant with his child! I did every single thing in my power to please him. What did I get? Betrayal! I was hurt and saddened but that was nothing compared to the fury burning in my heart and it took over me.
I loved Patrick. I loved him ever so but I doubt that he ever truly loved me. I was not enough and nothing I did could change that. Mama told me high school relationships don’t last but I married him anyways. And then I thought the pregnancy might mend our relationship but I felt more empty and alone than ever. He never loved me and he would never reciprocate my love. I feel like a fool. I would never mean more to him than his job, his liquor or that tramp.
It is over now but it’s not like he was fully here even when he was. I am just as unloved. If anything I am happy for now I am unloved because he is not here, not because I’m not good enough. Now my unborn child will never be unloved. I will love my daughter forever regardless of anything and she will never be replaceable to me.
I, Mary Maloney, young, heartbroken, and pregnant widower of Sergeant Patrick Maloney must go on with life now. I have to accept that my darling husband is no more. I will learn to adapt to my unfortunate life alone and recognize the crude murder of my darling husband as reality. He may never have justice but he will live long in my memory as the beautiful man he once was.
Patrick, I wish things never changed.

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