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Law and Health Care Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Law and Health Care System Administration
Tina HolmesProfessor: Dr. AMOctober 22, 2013 |

Law and Health Care System Administration

The Anglo-American legal system comes from four basic sources of the constitutions. Each branch in the legal system can out weight the other. The law is a system of standards to govern the acts of people. The legal system types of laws that creates and define rights and duties (Showalter, 2012). (Health Administartors, 2009)
The physician and the patient must come together to form a contract.   The contract is a form relationship between the doctor and their patient.   J. Stuart Showalter, 2012, (The Law of Healthcare Administration) states the relationship between the physician and patient is a contract based on priciples   which is written into a contract. The phyiscian provides the patient with treatment   in return the patient or their insurance company will pay for the service. (Showalter, 2012)
The physician and patient relationship is based on them coming together as one to get and keep the patient healthy . whereas, hospital –patient relationship is not totally different then physician-patient. The difference is the hospital is required by the federal law to stabilize a patient in a emergency condition rather there is a provider patient relationship. (Showalter, 2012)
The hospital must provide what treatment it can to minimize the risks and find another hospital willing to accept the patient. They must send the patient medical records when they are transfering the patients. The hospital must treat patient’s rather they are insured or uninsured. (Showalter, 2012)    

A physician must sometimes proform treatment without   patients premission due to certain types of emergencies if a patient is unconscious and need to be treated the doctor must assume there is a contract and treat the patient.   A patient should be able to trust their physician this generates a bond that are   definite and important. Both parties must...

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