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Law Notes Essay

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FIN 6425
April 1, 2000

Debbie Hilderbrandt
Joyce Hinrichs
David Holton


Note:   All dollar values used in this analysis in relation to the financial statements are in millions unless otherwise noted.

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Company Forecast 1-20

Appendix 1 21 Excell Spreadsheet

Table 1 – Income Statement 1

Table 2 - Balance Sheet 2

Table 3 – Cash Flow Statement 3

Table 4 – Common-size Income Statement 4

Table 5 – Common-size Balance Sheet 5

Table 6 – Financial Ratios 6

Table 7 – Other Key Ratios 7

Appendix 2 29
Cost of Capital
Documentation for Cost of Capital
Bibliography 30
Industry Forecast
      The discount retail industry will continue to yield fearless competition.   The major players in the industry, Wal-Mart, Target and Kmart continue to jockey for position and ranking by attempting to differentiate themselves to the American consumer.   Lower costs and a higher quality of customer service remain as the consumer's preference in the discount retail industry.   Wal-Mart continues its attempt to control the market with low prices and broad assortments while Target plans to trend toward a more modern, fashion based agenda.   Kmart is forming strategic alliances with celebrities and is now a member of the e-commerce world.   The most successful players will be those who continue expansion while reinvesting earnings with a continued emphasis in the Internet.   Constant evaluation and re-evaluation is needed to strengthen ones position.   Product mix remains crucial always adapting to the more trendy generations to come.   Merchandising and distribution will be paramount, thus supply chain management a key to success (Profile-Kmart, 2000).
Expansion and technology will continue to require large allocations of funds.   Growth spawns...

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