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Leaders and Managers Essay

  • Submitted by: skfetterman
  • on November 24, 2012
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Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing

Sherrie Fetterman

Senior Practicum: Leadership and Management/NUR492

November 12, 2012
Kendra Slatton

Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing

      Nursing is a people oriented profession in which leadership and management styles are a necessary component of the profession.   Balancing patient care, staff members, physicians, and organizational needs are essential to every health care organization.   Effective leadership and efficient management can be accomplished by having solid personal philosophical views of self-values, ethics, and virtues.   Leaders and managers are essential to any nursing organization as their positions are important and vastly different.   Beneficial skills of leaders and managers creates trust among the various health care employees and increases patients’ quality of care, which is the ultimate goal of health care.
      To lead properly I personally believe it is important to have a firm and stable self-understanding of personal values, ethics, and virtues. Leading people from the heart and use of own words provide the best opportunity to state priorities, goals, and areas that need attention.   If the leader has vision, values, care for patients and families, diversity, and even humor the result will be a pro-active dynamic leadership effective in producing positive results, (Blanchard & Barrett, 2011).   Leaders are trustworthy, which is the act of believing in someone, and having confidence in him or her to lead in new directions promoting growth and reducing fears.   Possessing good leadership skills have positive impacts on those who are led, and increased satisfaction of care delivered and received.
      The results obtained from a leader are different from what a manager produces.   Management is a function that involves planning, budgeting, evaluating, and facilitating.   Leadership is a type of relationship involved in motivating, coaching, building trust, and...

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