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Leadership in Organizations Essay

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Leadership and Its Effects on Organizations

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Christy Wisely
BGMT 4355: Organizational Behavior and Leadership
October 10, 2013

Part I

As we go through life, we encounter our share of leaders, some of them are good and some of them are bad or down right terrible.   How to you determine the difference between whether a leader is effective or ineffective?   Well, for me my personal definition of leadership is stated as such.   It is the ability to reach the unreachable, to get the extra 10% out of the 110% effort we all strive for; it is the power to motivate people and to bring them together to fight for a common goal and achieve success.   Throughout life, there is that one person or people who has come into our lives and pulled something out of us that we never knew we had in us.   That quality leadership and its positive effects will develop into a piece of our own leadership style.   If you go throughout history and select random individuals who are commonly referred to as great leaders, they will have had someone prior to them whose leadership molded them into the leader they were or are!
The purpose of leadership is to implement training that helps to develop subordinates skills, provide mentorship and guidance for that development, and ultimately motivate your subordinates to carry out the mission of the organization successfully.   Leadership is not convenient.   Leadership is not easy.   Many times leaders make
decisions that their subordinate’s do not agree with, other times they may have to make decisions that they themselves do not agree with.   This is part of being a quality leader.   A leader must have the complete support of their organization.   How do these leaders gain that respect of their subordinates?   Two major components that contribute to leadership success are credibility and expertise.   “Credibility can be defined as the ability to engender trust in others. Leaders with high levels of credibility are seen as trustworthy; they...

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