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Leadership With A Purpose Essay

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Leadership with a Purpose Module

Module Evaluation Proforma


Dates of module attended: 3rd, 4th December 2009 &15th January 2010

Job title and area of work/speciality: Unit Manager, Mental Health Services for the Older Persons


‘Promoting Evidence Based Practice’

This assessment requires that you consider and provide evidence of your learning and personal development as well as the application of this in practice. The following document provides you with a clear structure by which to achieve this.

1. Outline the implementation of your personal action plan for improving your leadership capabilities:

I reside and work in a north east industrial town, I’m based in a large Psychiatric Hospital, that covers the local population of around 288,000, serving two Primary Care Trusts,(Prospectus 2008-2009 Primary Care Trust). During the thirty-three years of employment within the National Health Service, I have held numerous positions, over the last fifteen years in managerial roles, from a Clinical Lead to my present role of Unit manager, responsible for two acute mental health assessment and treatment wards for the older person.
I decided to embark on this journey of leadership with a purpose, as my previous experiences of management training has either been short courses focusing on elements of mentorship, managing people or direct experiential learning obtained on-the-job. Thus to progress in my chosen field I recognised that I needed to explore, develop and improve my leadership skills.
In order to achieve my personal outcomes, I need to have direct face-to-face contact with service users and the nursing staff based on the selected ward. I intend to be an active participant/observer in the weekly in-patient service users meeting, thus gaining an insight in to the service users concerns, worries as well as positive and negative experiences during their in-patient stay.
As well as engaging service users, I need to engage...

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