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Learning Curve Essay

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Background of the Learning Curve
Learning Curve is a statistical information combine from time and skill of knowledge or time and proficiency. The normal changing rate of learning is represented by graph as show as below.

Initially, it is showing a flat curve in the period of initial slow learning that means a beginner is learning a new thing which is difficulty to learn. According to Ellis (n.d.) pointed out a concept about flat or gradual learning curve. “On a flat curve, the rate of knowledge gained is slowly spaced out over time, so the rate is generally the same. Flat curve subjects take a long time to gain complete mastery over, but provide ample time to truly imprint the procedures or skill components on the brain. Subjects with a gradual or flat curve are often very difficult to learn, as they do not provide the rewards of quick, usable knowledge.” After this period, we can see a steep curve in period of fast learning that means the beginner is starting to understand what he’s doing and using what he’s learned. Finally, the period of expertise gained, people who call it plateaus. It’s also is a flat curve but not the same with beginning. Dewey (n.d.) stated that “Many people believe that plateaus or flat periods during which a skill does not improve normally punctuate learning curves. But the idea of a plateau as a temporary stagnant period followed by more learning is a myth. Fitts and Posner (1967) found gradual improvement with practice in almost all motor skills. They said flatly there were "no plateaus." Fred Keller of Harvard referred to the "phantom plateau" since one seldom occurred, but people believed that it did.”

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