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Legalizing Marijuana Essay

  • Submitted by: Lacybby07
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: English
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Lacy Hamlett
Mrs. V
English 111
29 October 2012
Legalizing Marijuana
          Some people say that marijuana is beneficial; it calms people down and makes people feel good. Yes that might be true, but at the same time it causes negative effects on health and the families. Smoking marijuana can lead to many problems. It can harm people and some may not even realize it until after they see what it has done to them. When people smoke it, they tend to make poor choices and decisions. Marijuana should not be legalized in the U.S because it can cause health problems, financial problems, addiction, and could potentially lead to the use of a harder drug.
            One reason why the government should not legalize marijuana is it can cause health problems. Some short term effects include distorted perception, increased heart rate, and reduced blood pressure. Sometimes it can cause people to have anxiety, fear and panic. The use of marijuana does not cause long-term effects, but it does put people’s health at risk, regardless of short-term or long-term. After smoking marijuana for an hour, researchers say that the user’s risk for a heart attack is 4 times higher compared to the people that do not smoke. (Alcoholism) This not only affects the health of the user, but it affects the family too. It can affect the user’s relationship with friends, family and lovers. Marijuana can cause a lot of things in a person and one of them might be getting angry or violent with the partner or family member. The government should not only think about the health risks that are involved, but it needs to look at everything that could be affected, such as families of the user.
            Marijuana should not be legalized because it causes financial problems and affects the economy. By smoking marijuana many people would end up buying marijuana instead of their needs. For example, people would rather buy marijuana instead of buying food for their family. Since people who smoke...

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