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Legaslative Change Essay

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Below is an essay on "Legaslative Change" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

How changes to the


environment affects

employee relations

Introduction 3
Legislative change 4
Economic change 5
Political change 6
Industrial disputes 8
Rationalisation 9
Diversification 10
Change of ownership 11
Conclusion: 12
Bibliography: 13

In this assignment I will be explaining the different changes within the current environment and how this has an effect of employee relations within businesses.
Below I have listed the changes within the environment that will be included in the assignment:

Legislative Change
Economic Change
• Interest Rates
• Exchange Rates
• Inflation
• Recession
Political Change
• Local Government
• National Government
• EU Government
Industrial Disputes
• Local
• National
• Legal/Illegal
Change of Ownership
• Takeover
• Amalgamation
After providing information about the changes, I will then go onto give information about how they affect employee relations, I will also give business examples where I feel is necessary.

Legislative change
Legislations are put into place and are then changed to laws. These of these rules, laws, legislations and acts are made through the ‘Acts of Parliament’.
It is extremely important for a business to continuously have an understanding of the legislations as well keeping up to date with all of them. The changed of legislation are very important and all business must ensure that they abide by them. If businesses do not follow new changes then it could result in the business being sued by their employees or other parties such as the government.  

Legislative changes are continuously changing so that is the main reason for companies to keep an eye on this. One of the first changes in 2011 was the increase in VAT. The VAT used to be at 17.5% percent but then increased to 20% in early January. Prices of...

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