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  • on November 17, 2013
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Dear Peter
I finally got the time to write to you. Actually it is because I am en the smallest and most boring town in all of USA. The town of Shoehorn really got nothing exciting to offer. In many ways you could compare it to Vivild, because the trip to the local shop is the biggest thrill of my day. It is actually pretty nice to just relax here. The last couple of weeks has been a bit hectic with all the visits to different national parks. I have never seen anything as breath taking as Grand Canyon wich is just a couple of miles away from her. It is just too amazing what nature can make. After this huge experience everything seems quite small, so now I just hope that the concert, with the local and apparently really famous church choir, that I have been invited to can change that. Besides that I am going to visit a couple more national parks before going home.

Hope you are having just as great a time as I am having.

Regards, Emil

Hey Alexander,

I did not want to start this letter of with ’Dear’ as that would just seem too weird. Nether the less, I still wanted to update you on my little road trip here in Great Britain. I must admit that this country is marvelous; there are so many sides of the nation that I have never thought about before, and suddenly got my eyes up for. As you told me I should not use all my time to go see sighting like any other tourist around here, but try to just get into the culture and instead of being a tourist, simply try to be an Englishman for a couple of days. Of course I had to find my hotel first; I lived in a fancy hotel around Oxford Street in London, I mean the place had a hot tub. After that I thought that I would just give some of the monuments a closer look, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus and such, and you know what? It was really boring. So I did as you told me, and tried to move away from that entire tourist attraction that they call London, and went into some of the smaller parts of the city. The first thing...

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