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Letter of Proposal

  • Submitted by: ShondreSims1
  • on November 18, 2013
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October 30, 2013

Mrs. Jeannette Benton
Loso 148
One University Blvd.
La Grande, Oregon 97850

Dear Mrs. Jeannette Benton:

It has been an honor to attend your Writing 121 class this quarter. The diversity of writing styles that you have displayed to the class this quarter has opened up a new sea of knowledge for my personal growth in writing. I am more than pleased to discuss with you my proposal to write about the conflict and war controversy that surrounds our nation from way back when the social security numbers of people were single digits; all the way to now, the present. The way that the nation has settle conflicts with other nations by going to war has impacted each individual that calls the United States home. Inevitably, war has both positives and negatives aspects that would create a great research paper.

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything” a known quote could be the foundation for the pro side. The purpose of war was to protect the country by any means necessary. Looking at the nation; like your family. Would you ever let anything bad happen to your family if you had the resources to stop it? Would you protect your family by all means? In my opinion, most Americans would. War is a way to show that we will stand for anything that we believe in. Think about in the 60’s, when Rosa Park refused to move to the back of the bus because she did not agree that whites had any superiority. She stood for what she believed in at all cost, Parks went to jail because she did not move seats on the bus. We constantly teach kids to fight for what they believe in. So shouldn’t we portray that in war? Is that what we are doing?

One of America’s teachings to the children is that we should never fight to get our way because fighting never works. Many argue that war is going against the “golden rule”.   Some could even go forth and debate that it can send a bad message to children. The government kill people to get their way, why...

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