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Life Essay

  • Submitted by: NakedXX
  • on November 18, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Life" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Do you find yourself daydreaming when you sit down to study? Do you stare into space after reading your textbook, trying to "absorb" the information? Or do you look at pictures of friends or family instead of doing the task in front of you? All of these may eventually lead to wasting time and frustration. For me it seems like there is too many tasks to complete and seldom enough time. Effective and efficient time management is something that I have room for improvement on and have great use of.
As a college student I needed to be aware that sometimes it’s better to do the most important things first in different occasions. Sometimes the most important things are the most difficult and it takes a little longer to finish them. During the finals exams or important exams college student’s needs to take more time to study and prepare for the test and the night before the exam get a little review and if it’s very important get another review in the morning before the test. Some people think that multitasking helps people finish everything faster but, for people who grow up watching TV, typing out instant messages and doing homework all at the same time, multitasking is deadly. But it decreases everyone’s productivity, no matter who they are if they are graduated from college or if they are college students, but young people still have a loss of productivity from multitasking.
  For college students by having an organize to do list every day is much helpful than just be guessing what to do with their busy time and free time .If you don't know what you should be doing, how can you manage your time to do it. Some people like writing this list out by hand because it shows commitment to each item until it gets done. Other people like time management software. After scheduling becomes a habit, then you can adjust it to your preference no matter if you do the most important things first or multitask sometimes and also have a to-do list every day. It is easier to find...

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