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Life Campaign Essay

  • Submitted by: mehveen
  • on November 17, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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Life Campaign experience
Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, politics was not something I took much notice to, especially politics revolving around education, schools, etc. The most politics I was exposed to was an AP American Government class during high school. This was not out of ignorance, but out of being from a sheltered suburb. I grew up in the suburb of Naperville, a predominately white/Caucasian town (85.2%) with the average income of $100,000 and about 96% of the population with at least a high school degree. It was highly unusual for a student to drop out of high school, or for someone not to graduate. At a maximum, there were two people that did not graduate from the senior class, averaging about 750 students per class. Dropping out or failing were so unheard of that if this did happen to anyone, it became the talk of the school. Similarly, violence was very rare. During my entire four years at Naperville Central High School, I experienced two fights, both which were broken up immediately by school authorities. We complained daily about the school system, the authority, the staff, and the curriculum. If someone asked me “do you feel safe here” I would stare at them with confusion thinking “why wouldn’t I?”. I have never felt in danger, the thought of being in any sort of danger never crossed my mind not only at school, but also during my eighteen years living in Naperville. Not that it was advised, but we could be out in the open anywhere at any time. During the summers, kids ride their bikes to the local ice cream store late at night, the elderly take strolls way after the sun has gone down, and people walk their dogs at any time of night. Not to say that we lived in the perfect community, there are thefts, burglaries, and robberies. But, never have I ever felt as if my life was in danger or unsafe in my community. This all changed when I moved to the city this September to start college.
The class speakers in our Explore class were the...

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