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Life In The Textile Mills Essay

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  • on November 11, 2010
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It was a nice, brisk, summer day in Lancashire, England where the children of the Lancashire Mill were hard at work. Most of the children ran the power loom, while others had the duty of running the weaving machines. Harold, a young 10 year-old boy, was working in the mill one day when a loud shriek had disrupted his work. “Ahhhhhhhhh-ooooo-weeeeee”, screamed one the children while they were being sucked into the machine. One of the older workers had come and pulled him out, just in time too, or else he would have lost an arm.
“This is it, I have had it with these mills”, said James, “I can’t stand these conditions anymore. We have already lost two children in the last week, we have to do something about the way the owners are treating us!” “What do you suppose we do?” asked Liza, another one of the older kids. “We will start a revolt until our demands are met.”
The next day, after their grueling sixteen hour work day, some of the inhabitants of the Lancashire Mill met in James’s room and discussed what action they needed to take. The children were fed up with all of the injustice they had faced over the years, especially the older kids who had been working at the mills for over ten years. The children worked all night and came up with a very persuasive list of items they wanted to change. The next morning, Harold had slipped the list and an attached note under the Chairman’s door. “Good job Harold!” exclaimed James, “I hope they will take us seriously now.”
“I’m scared though.” said Harold with a frightened look on his face.
“Why?” questioned James. “I thought I saw someone coming down the hallway. What if they report me, then the Chairman will know that I was the one who sent the letter.” said Harold with a frightened look on his face. “Its okay, nobody will blame you. Whatever happens, I will take the blame for the entire operation.” said James comfortingly.
Two days later, around noon, the Chairman bolted down towards Harold’s workstation and he...

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