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Life Lesson Essay

  • Submitted by: KLange1
  • on November 17, 2013
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Life Lessons
In my life a lot of things happen what made me learned from that.   I will write about life lesson I got when I climbed on tree and later on I cannot climbed down. In that moment I got some lessons in my life because it was dangerous what I did and that makes change my mind more than before.
That happens when I was about ten or eleven years old. It was summer time and then I used to live with my grandmother in country side. There were lot big trees around where I could climb up easy and sit hours and watch everything what are around there or just relax and heard natural sounds. But there was the biggest tree in village where I never climbed up because I was small to get up there.   In village I heard from kid’s stories about how good there was, how far can see and If somebody climb up there he will be big man on children’s eyes. One day my cousin he was sixteen years old back that day and he shown me how to climb on that tree.   When I saw how he climbs up and then climbs down for me that day looks easy do that. That moment I choose I will climb up too but same time I was funky I couldn’t do that. Couple weeks later I pulled myself together to climb on that tree alone because I won’t see anyone see that. I started climb up on that tree. It was difficult climbed up because I was not enough tall to reach tree branch easy. When I climbed middle of tree and I cannot reach next branch I started a bit jump to reach branch then I reached that branch. I climbed higher and higher on tree and tree starts more and more shall wave, because up there wind got stronger then down. When I got almost on Top tree I started panic because how far I am from ground and there on top shall wave even stronger become, I felt I could fall down from tree. I was so worried and scarred I couldn’t climbed down of that. I stand on tree about one hour when I saw one man walk on street. I called I need help and I can’t climbed down. Luckily he heard me and he knows me, he was my...

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