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Life of a Gifted Kid Essay

  • Submitted by: lester52
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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As a kid, every time we were asked to write or draw the person we want to become I always had different answer. Most of the time I don’t answer what my dream really is, because I was rattled in the moment when the question was asked that I just copied some popular answers. Perhaps my most memorable answer, that even my school before recorded, was my bold statement that I would like to become the president of the Philippines. I was in kinder back then, and I really do not know what a president does, I just know that that is the highest position in the Philippines. My parents were very proud of me, and I became popular in my school just because of that answer, which is why my teachers always ask on why when I grew few years older I never answered being president as my dream.

What I think actually happened was that I became afraid to become a leader. I am not the most assertive kid when I was young; I actually am the silent person at the back acing the exams. Another possible reason for discontinuing the dream was as a kid I hate responsibilities; my parents are frequently called because I always fail to submit requirements.

Fast forward to now, I became a math major and will be graduating hopefully this term. Well I always liked math and problem solving, though sometimes I am thinking what I would be doing now if I had taken a bolder path. My current dream now is to become a mathematician who could accumulate a great amount of money by forecasting trends in stock market, or by being a financial advisor to rich businessmen. Public service is not my calling right now, and I don’t know any stock broker who became a president.   What I know is that dreams can change any minute, so as long as I am breathing there is a still chance that I would became the first mathematician president of the Philippines.

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