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Life Of Langston Hughes Essay

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  • on November 3, 2010
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Langston Hughes was a black African American that struggled through life as a child

growing up in Harlem was a central figure, the flowering of American literature and the artistic

form which he came up with during the 1920’s.Yes and no in a way that he imply identifying his

voice to non-black viewers because, as a African American growing and struggling he decided to

not only write about it he had it to where he wants the whole world to read and listen and

understand what it really means to be a black African American growing up like he had to.

Because of racism, he contributed a tremendous influence on the black culture throughout the

United States during the era pretty well known as the Harlem Renaissance. He was one of the

most prolific and most recognized black poets of the Renaissance. He was one of the people who

broke through barriers that very many artists had done before this period. Not only did his

writing promote African American culture, it sought to bring attention the plight of the African

Americans suffering injustice and repression. I don’t think he wanted to intentionally exclude

non black people from his readings or writings of any type because, it would basically mean that

he is racist as well, but he just wanted to show how blacks were treated and how it made him feel

growing up and having to except the fact that blacks were slaves and empowered by this. So he

felt as if he didn’t break the barrier or do something about what was going on, the black world

and nation would be at lost and still in fear to do things that they was not able to accomplish or


Hughes was represented with a great opportunity with rise of black art during the 1920’s and by

his creative style for poetry, which used black culture as it’s basis and still appealed to all

ethnicities. From the perspective of an African American Langston Hughes who writes about the

social struggles and...

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