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Ligers and Tiglons Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Ligers and Tiglons
Man-Made animals Or an Actual Act of Nature

By: Gelitza Davila

There are many different kinds of animals that were created, some man-made some just common nature. These are called hybrids. Many includes the zee-donk, a cross breed between a zebra and a donkey, cama, a male camel and a female llama, a liger, a cross breed between male lion with a female tiger, and a tiglon, which is a cross breed between a male tiger with a female lion. Ligers, world’s largest cat, and Tiglons are a product of man-made intervention and not nature.
Ligers have been intentionally bred for the past 300 years. Historical evidence has stated that in 1799, the first ever liger cub was born in the world. The first country to have liger cubs based on a painting by Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire was India. Having it suggest that the cubs were born before the painting came to view. Lions and tigers were also mated later on in different countries like Germany, France and England in the 20th century. In the United States the first liger cub was born in 1948. And from then on ligers were born around the world. For example, in Russia the first liger was born in 2004, in South Korea the first liger was born in 1997, and in Taiwan the first liger cub was born in 2010.
A liger habitat is that of a sanctuary or a zoo. Lions and tigers never cross path it is highly unlikely that they would mate on their own. Ligers cannot go into the wild and it is high speculated that they would not survive in the wild. In a zoo they are constantly being watched to see for any issues that they may incur. Though there aren’t any real consistent proofs that hybrid cats are more vulnerable to diseases they are under constant watch just to be sure. It’s been said that before Ligers were bred by humans they were constant in the Gir Forest and in Asia. Though there isn’t any proof to that besides a fossil of cat that was found. In a single...

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