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Lincoln Essay

  • Submitted by: casique
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: English
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In life there are choices that one must constantly decide on. We as human beings have the responsibility, and curse to know right from wrong. The knowledge of this is something we have naturally in us. Unfortunately we are a fallen race that carries many defects because of our condition. Weather one believes in scripture or not, all mankind can agree with what I just have stated.   Abraham Lincoln was aware of this human condition and wanted to do something about it. He was aware that we as human beings have the tendency to want to do wrong. Either because of habit, inattention, inclination, or lack of interest wrong is the choice we make more often than right. Lincoln was a brilliant man who accomplished many unimaginable things. When he realized the problem of this human condition, he devised a strategy to attack and defeat this never-ending war of good versus evil. He came up with a strategy that would tackle any possible form of why one might do the wrong thing.   Virtues are a guideline that one must implement on a daily basis to deal with any wrongful doing one might be inclined to do. ``And we lived happily ever after´´, would be the way I would close my essay if we could follow these guidelines to perfection. However, as I mentioned earlier, we are a fallen, imperfect race that naturally leans towards doing wrong. So the question arises, ¿why try to accomplish something that we know isn’t going to be possible? ¿Why not let our prime instincts and our inclinations and emotions dictate our choices? Some people do live like this, and claim they are happy being themselves. However, realizing our human condition, most people know that they cannot live completely reckless lives without fearing wrong. Either because of conscience, religion, knowledge of the repercussions wrong might bring a person; people want to choose right. Lincoln knew that he had to commit complete devotion in order to succeed. Without putting all the devotion one can give, he knew this plan...

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