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Literary Analysis

  • Submitted by: sexyboi1001
  • on November 15, 2010
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Lewis Thomas’s essay, “The Lives of a Cell”, allows readers to see the inner workings of a typical cell along with its integral parts, as well as how it is compared to other things within the universe.   It appears that in the essay, Thomas himself is the narrator and refers to “man” possibly as himself or humans in general.   From the start of the essay, it is apparent that Thomas thinks highly of the comparisons made between a cell and the universe.   He uses similes and metaphors throughout the essay, allowing the reader to observe the comparisons being made between the two.   For example, within the first paragraph of the essay, Thomas states, “In this scenario, Man comes on as a stupendous lethal force, and the earth is pictured as something delicate, like rising bubbles at the surface of a country pond, or flights of fragile birds.”
      Within the second paragraph of the essay, Thomas compares certain aspects of man to certain parts within the cell.   For example, “We are the delicate part, transient and vulnerable as cilia.”   Something interesting that Thomas does throughout the essay is before certain sentences or paragraphs; he puts the word item in italics before starting the sentence.   This could mean numerous things allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions.   In my opinion, Thomas does this to point out certain points or facts that are important for the reader to know in order to fully understand the comparison being made between the cell and the universe as a whole.
      Embedded in the essay, Thomas describes in great detail, how certain parts of the cell are like the general population conducting certain tasks in an everyday world.   For example, Thomas states, “At the interior of our cells, driving them, providing the oxidative energy that sends us out for the improvement of each shining day, are the mitochondria…”, thus meaning that the mitochondria is responsible for providing the cells within our bodies with energy on a daily basis much...

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