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Little Bee Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Little Bee Passages
“A pound is free travel safety, and we are free to watch it go. This is the human triumph. This is called globalization. A girl like me gets stopped at immigration, but a pound can leap the turnstiles, and dodge the tackles of those big men with their uniform caps, and jump straight into a waiting airs port taxi”.(2) In the following quote Little Bee is speaking to the reader that she wishes she is a British pound so that Little Bee may travel and be safe. Little Bee is commentating on the irony that money can travel freely. This is ironic because some humans can’t travel at all, especially if one does not have money. I think that the quote shows Little Bee’s determination to live to be free one day. Lastly, the quote reminds us about the negative effects that globalization can have on third world countries.

To flee from cruelty is the most natural thing in the world, of course. And the timing that brought us together that summer was so very cruel. Little Bee telephoned us on the morning they released her from the detention center. My husband picked up her call. I only found out much later that it was her- Andrew never told me. Apparently she let him know she was coming, but I don’t suppose he felt up to seeing her face again. Five days later he killed by hanging. They found my husband with his feet treading empty air, touching the soil of no country. (22) In the following passage, Sarah is telling the reader what happened to her husband. This is the first hint that Little Bee must have something to do with the death of Andrew. The book does not hold back when describing Andrew’s gruesome death. There is a history between Little Bee and Andrew which forces him to kill himself. Though Andrew’s death is strange the passage shows us that Andrew is a coward.

In the immigration detention center, they told us that we must be disciplined to overcome our fears. This is the discipline I learned: whenever I go into a new place, I work out how I...

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