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Little Red Riding Hood Essay

  • Submitted by: rafsey1
  • on November 25, 2012
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Little Red Riding Hood Politically Correct

Little Red Riding Hood by James Garner is a Politically correct parody of the traditional tale, which was written to illustrate today’s political dilemma. This could argue that critics want to subvert the meaning of old folk tales. However Little Red Riding Hood is deliberately written to show the post war growth in feminist ideologist with comic effects; In order to illustrate the shifts of cultural attitudes through language. The story in itself has an unexpected twist at the end simply to illustrate that. Therefore, the author does this by gradually manipulating the plot, as well as the setting and characters, to create an overall effect that of prejudice acts towards sexism, gender, and sexuality.

The opening paragraph of the story begins with distinctively making fun of politically correct language doing so by referring to the main character as “young person”. He tries to remove any language that could possibly be offensive. In doing so he replaces all the words with extremely correct language, contrary to the original tale. The author makes fun of political correct language today through consciously selecting words to use in the story to show the cultural attitudes through language. The first paragraph shows how the original scene changed from its original simple visit from Red to Grandmothers house, to a more observed politically correct scene. He introduces the image of “womyns work” spelling it differently to distinguish the word woman from its original meaning, thereby creating an effect of feminine ideologists. The author wants the reader to be aware of the theme that is why he uses the word “womyn” is spelled differently throughout the prose. This is to make it stand out in order to show that it gives significance to the political awareness. He elaborates it by further using sentences to marginalize sexist remarks   like   “not because this was womyns work, mind you, but because the deed was...

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