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Live and Learn: Why We Have College Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Roberto Cardenas
Oct 20, 2013
Live and Learn: Why we have college
Live and learn: Why we have college written by Louis menand, June 6, 2011. The Main point in this article is base un why Americans go to college even though some of them do not ever learn anything menand   first job start at Ivy league University. At this point most students were more concentrated and were eaten by social environment. This article will be divide on three theories. It will be on. Intelligence, competition between private and public colleges, the difference over non-liberal education sectors compare to liberal-art
First theory Menand talks about is Intelligence college is designed to simple test all student in college by a process in which they will be separated base on intelligent members and less intelligent members. The students are evaluated on a study of four years. All students Must Show their level of learning, Maturity and be responsible to graduate , whenever a student is irresponsible   or careless at college the process will show on their grades, Also at the end of the four years test. All graduates receive their G.P.A score. This score is used by schools and jobs to evaluate and see how the graduate students show the skills and potential to have a good position on a job. Menand Louis explains that intelligence is not just capture by an I-Q test. Menand says “In any group of people it is easy to determine who is the fastest or the strongest or even the best looking. But picking at the. Most intelligent person is difficult because intelligence include many attributes that cannot be capture in onetime assessment, like an I.Q test. (paragraph5).
Second theory is base in the competition between public colleges and private colleges. In the 1940s there was a jump in applications and now it was more aggressively over recruiting students from all over the world, but also the acceptance rates were lower. Privates colleges were more selective, so public...

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