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Logger Pro Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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EXP # 1 Logger Pro Tutorial

  * Introduction: -
In this experiment, you will
  * Collect temperature data in real time on a Venier Lab Quest
  * Transfer this data to a computer for analysis
  * Analyze the data in Logger Pro 3
  * Print a graph of this data with appropriate titles, labels, units, and equations

  * Materials: -
  * Venier Lab Quest
  * 400 mL beaker
  * Logger Pro
  * 3 hot plate
  * Temperature Probe
  * 50 mL graduated cylinder
  * USB flash drive
  * Ring stand
  * Utility clamp

  * Procedure: -

  * Obtain and wear goggles (state regulations require eye protection when a heating source is in use).
  * Connect a USB flash drive to the “USB” port on the topside of the Lab Quest device. Connect the Venier temperature probe to the port labeled “CH 1” on the topside of your Lab Quest device. (Figure 1)
  * Set up the hot plate and ring-stand assembly as indicated in Figure 2. Check that the utility clamp is secured tightly around the temperature probe and that any loose wiring is clear of the hot plate surface.
  * Fill a 400 mL beaker with 300 mL of tap water and place onto the surface of the hot plate. Turn on the hot plate to a medium temperature setting. IMPORTANT: adjust the temperature probe so that the tip is submerged but not touching the bottom of the beaker.
  * To start data collection. Press the play button (either the physical play button or the virtual play button in the lower left hand corner of the touch screen) on the front panel of the Lab Quest device. Collect temperature data for 10 minutes beyond the appearance of boiling. Press the “stop” button to end data collection.
  * Follow the step in logger as stated in lab procedure.
  * Make sure your axes are labeled and correct, that you have a descriptive title, and that the “Linear Fit” option has been selected and the information is showing on your graph. Select “Print” from the “File” drop-down menu and print out a...

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