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Los Angeles Board of Supervisors Essay

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Los Angeles Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors has been in service since 1852 and is the governing body of the county of Los Angeles, a charter county. The purpose is to function as the executive and legislative head of the county government the largest and most complex system in the United States. The population is estimated of more than 10 million people who occupy Los Angeles County and a civil service staff performs the duties for the county department and agencies who serve the needs of residents. The board appoints all department heads other than the assessor, district attorney and sheriff which are elective positions (boardofsupervisors.com). The county is charged with providing law enforcement, property assessment, tax collection, public health protection, public social services, elections and flood control. There are 88 cities within the County, each with its own city council. All the cities, in varying degrees contract with the County to provide the municipal services that we need. They also act as the city council for areas that are unincorporated. There are several separate governing boards for air quality, sanitation, water, education and transportation.

The Board of Supervisors is governed by 5 members. Gloria Molina 1st

District. Mark Ridley Thomas 2nd District. Zev Yaroslavsky 3rd District.
Don Kabe 4th District and Michael D. Antonvich 5th District. The Board of Supervisors have the executive, legislative and quasi-judicial roles and positions are held by election from voters in their respective districts which are limited to three four year terms years. Annual salary is $178,000. Free gas for their vehicles that are repaired at the Civic Center for free and 20-25 member staff with “discretionary” money pots that each member controls privately. Top of the line health care super loaded old style public pensions
(lacounty.gov) Elections can be held every four years and candidates who
like to run must register with the...

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